Commissioner Ted Bowlus

Endorsements for Dr. Ted Bowlus - 2024 Campaign

Dave Fahle, Pemberville:
“I am proud to call Dr. Ted Bowlus my friend and to have him as our Wood County Commissioner! Remember to vote for Dr. Ted Bowlus in the Republican Primary that ends on Election Day, March 19, 2024. #TrustTed”

Edward Schimmel, Mayor of Northwood:
“I encourage my fellow residents of Wood County to vote to Re-Elect Dr. Ted Bowlus as Wood County Commissioner. Over the last seven years, Dr. Bowlus has always been available to help with any issues in the City of Northwood. Ted has worked to tackle public health problems like the COVID epidemic and Addiction and Mental Health issues in Wood County, and he supports future infrastructure repair funding. Ted has a VISION for Wood County. He has my full endorsement in his bid for Re-Election as the Republican Candidate for Wood County Commissioner.”

Theresa Gavarone, Ohio State Senator:
“Wood County Voters, it is crucial that we Re-elect Commissioner Ted Bowlus. I work with a lot of incredible public servants and Ted is one of the best! He has my complete and total endorsement, and I encourage you to support his bid for Re-Election as Your Republican Candidate for Wood County Commissioner in the Primary Election that ends on March 19, 2024! “

Tom Ferguson, Retired Coach, Rossford:
“I have known Ted for many years, and he has represented Wood County very well during his two terms in office. Ted is a man of high morals, honesty, and integrity. Ted cares for Wood County and works diligently to see that its citizens are taken care of. I encourage you to consider voting to Re-Elect Dr. Ted Bowlus for Wood County Commissioner!”

Tiffany Densic:
“Dr. Ted Bowlus has all the facts to enlighten citizens about the tax revenue coming into Wood County from all the new economic development. New jobs bring new wages, and everyone benefits from that. Experience, knowledge, and a job well done is why I support the Re-Election of Dr. Ted Bowlus for Wood County Commissioner.”