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Endorsements for Ted Bowlus

Ben Frobose, Frobose Meats, Pemberville:
“Three things I know about Ted Bowlus. He loves the Buckeyes, he loves Frobose Meat Locker, and he LOVES Wood County. This is a perfect recipe for the continued success of our community. Remember to vote for Ted on November 3rd.”

Ted Bowlus and Ben Frobose

Dorris Herringshaw, Wood County Commissioner:
“Commissioner Ted Bowlus shows great concern and compassion for families and businesses. He makes decisions based on knowledge and considers all the aspects of an issue before making a decision. He works to keep Wood County a great place to live and work. I am supporting Dr. Ted Bowlus Wood County Commissioner.”

Jane Spoerl, Wood County Treasurer:
“Vote for Ted Bowlus for Wood County Commissioner! He is the best candidate for the job!”

Maria Ermie, Former Perrysburg City Councilwoman:
“Dr. Ted Bowlus blends his success as a businessman operating his own medical practice with his love for our community as depicted by his decades of volunteer work in mental heal. As Wood County Commissioner, Ted has applied his medical knowledge to help the most vulnerable citizens in Wood County especially during this pandemic. Please join me in voting to re-elect Dr. Ted Bowlus on November 3rd!”

Ed Nagle:
“For all of my Wood County friends I hope you consider voting to re-elect Commissioner Ted Bowlus. Ted has done a great job and we need to keep up the momentum for Wood Count. GET OUT AND VOTE FOR Dr. Ted Bowlus!”


Gordon Bowman, former mayor of Pemberville:
“I encourage my fellow residents of Wood County to vote to re-elect Dr. Ted Bowlus as Wood County Commissioner. Wood County is blessed to have three outstanding Commissioners to handle the business of our county. During the past four years, Dr. Bowlus has always been available to help with any issues in the Village of Pemberville. He has the leadership and a vision for the future of Wood County. He has my full endorsement in his re-election campaign.”

Tom Ferguson, Retired Coach, Rossford:
“I am going to vote for Ted Bowlus for Wood County Commissioner. I have known him for many years and he has represented us very well during his term.

He is a man who is of high morals, honesty and integrity. Ted cares for us and works diligently to see we are taken care of. Please consider him when voting for Wood County Commissioner”

Jonathan Smith, President, Perrysburg City Council:
“I am supporting and endorsing the re-election of Dr. Ted Bowlus for Wood County Commissioner. Commissioner Bowlu has been a dedicated, hard working commissioner for our county. Commissioner Bowlus has been a huge asset for our county during this COVID-19 pandemic. Commissioner Bowlus has been available to the City of Perrysburg to assist with any issues. On November 3rd, I would like to encourage you to Re-Elected Commissioner Ted Bowlus for another 4 years.”

Tiffany Densic:
“At a summer meeting of a group I belong to, Wood County Commissioner Dr. Ted Bowlus had all the facts to enlighten our ladies about all the tax revenue coming into Wood County from all the new economic development. New jobs bring new wages, and everyone benefits from that. Experience, knowledge and a job well done is why I am supporting Dr. Ted Bowlus for Wood County Commissioner.”

Dave Fahle, Pemberville:
“Proud to call Ted our friend and Wood county Commissioner! Remember to Vote for Ted on Nov. 3rd! #TrustTed”

Edward Schimmel, Mayor of Northwood:
“I’d like to encourage my fellow residents of Wood County to vote to reelect Dr. Ted Bowlus as Wood County Commissioner. Over the last four years, he has always been available to help with any issues in the City of Northwood. Dr. Bowlus has been working to tackle public health problems like hte opioid epidemic in Wood County, and to play for future infrastructure repair funding. There is a vision for our county with Ted. He has my full endorsement in his reelection campaign.”

Theresa Gavarone, Ohio State Senator:
“I work with a lot of incredible public servants and Ted is one of the best! He has my complete and total endorsement, and I encourage you to support him now through November 3!”

Mike Marsh, Marsh and Marsh Law, Bowling Green:
“Dr. Bowlus has done a wonderful job guiding Wood County through these very difficult times. We are fortunate to live in a terrific place with uncommon leadership.”