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I was elected as one of your Wood County Commissioners in 2016. Since then, Wood County has enjoyed some of its best years ever! From January 2016 through the first three months of 2020, we saw the creation of many jobs with the arrival of new businesses such as Home Depot, Walgreens, and NorthPoint Logistics Park in North Baltimore. This unprecedented economic growth has given Wood County an increase in tax revenue without the need to raise your tax rates. Also, in the last four years the Commissioners have supported our Engineer’s Office, which is responsible to plan for and oversees improvements to the County’s infrastructure. Recent engineering projects include scheduled upgrades and repairs to our roads and bridges and necessary cleaning of our ditches. Wood County has also seen an unprecedented amount of services made available to all of our citizens through County Agencies such as the Sheriff’s Office, the Dog Shelter, Wood Haven, the Historical Society and ODJFS. Near the beginning of my term as Commissioner, an Addiction Response Collaborative (ARC) was formed, of which I currently serve as a member of the Steering Committee. The ARC program unites the Prosecutor’s and Sheriff’s offices in response to the tragic legal and social problems caused by addiction that affect many Wood County families.

Finally, and most importantly, although we have been dealing with economic, social and personal challenges related to COVID-19 in the last few months,Wood County’s recent economic growth gives us the resources to respond to issues raised by the virus while staying financially strong. As a result, Wood county is able to plan for the rest of 2020 and beyond with confidence as we begin to emerge from this pandemic and face the future together.

Thank you for your support of my efforts to increase the quality of life for all Wood County Citizens as YOUR WOOD COUNTY COMMISSIONER. I ask for YOUR VOTE this NOVEMBER 3rd, so that I may continue to work hard for YOU and for all of Wood County!

–Dr. Ted Bowlus
Wood County Commissioner