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On Thursday October 3rd, 2019, the county commissioners of Ohio, Michigan, and Kentucky were invited to the Whitehouse by the Trump administration.

The purpose of the trip was to have a two-way conversation about the local concerns of the commissioners, and also to understand what the administration is planning.

On Thursday morning, we toured the East Wing of the Whitehouse. During lunch we listened to lectures by chairpersons, then after lunch we proceeded to an auditorium where we had conversations about state and local concerns, and more in-depth lectures from agency chair persons.

Specifically, the lectures and conversations focused around the economy, funding for infrastructure such as roads, water quality, and fighting the national drug abuse and addiction epidemic. We were also given the opportunity to communicate local concerns and discover how the administration plans to help. We listened and spoke directly to Larry Ludlow the President’s top economic advisor, pictured in the gallery below.

The trip was informative and successful in opening the lines of communication between national and local government officials.


Photos from the trip